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About J Stewart Designs

Fast, affordable and professional custom designed logos, display advertisements, book covers and other print marketing materials, and more!

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Judy provides a service for creating branding that represents your business or services and magically puts it all together to create the visual professional presence of the internet market.


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If You Know Who You Are and I Know How To Get You Noticed

I create Cross Platform Impact Designs that:

  • Attract the people who need what you offer
  • Connect visually so they immediately know you have what they need
  • Convert them into followers who explore your work further

Cross Platform Positioning is a powerful way to expand your business

Put one idea on your blog, record it as a podcast, and presented it as a video. I design your logo, then prepare it for iTunes, YouTube, FaceBook and Google+.

Your Impact Brand will be recognizable on every platform.

The Cross Platform Impact Package includes:

  • Logo
  • WordPress Banner
  • iTunes Banner
  • YouTube Banner
  • FaceBook Banner
  • Google+ Banner
  • Business Card

Call today for a quote.

Let me help you define your brand  with an unforgettable logo that communicates on an emotional level that draws people in.

Impact Designs are also available for

  • Digital Courses
  • Ebooks
  • Flyers
  • Postcards

About J Stewart Designs

From concept to creation I make visions fly!

Over 19 years and set my intention of creating a business doing what I LOVE to do. Whether you are in the San Francisco, Marin, Napa, Sonoma County California as well as across the US, Call and let me capture your essence in design.

Maybe you are familiar with the job with a fifty mile commute sitting in traffic for more hours than you would like. That is where I was for 17 years. After a few years of study at the Center for Spiritual Living, I began to believe that it was possible to create my own home business.

I spent several years volunteering, creating the Newsletter for our church. When the internet came about I played with others learning how to create the church website. Before I knew I had people coming to me asking me to create a flyer for an event, eventually it was quite evident this is what I want to be doing. I soaked in any advise and wisdom I could and knew if I could just get the confidence leave my job and do what I love doing it would happen. I am home at last, and loving it! I am living my passion!

As I listen to your description of what you are offering others and immerse myself in your enthusiasm for your business, your words automatically transfer into my mind as a graphic expression. I translate these images into web sites, logos, and ads that express who you are and what you offer. My work is effective for the solo entrepreneur as well as an image change into a larger profile for your business.

If you are ready to make your presence known, let’s talk about how our design team can create outstanding intuitive expressions for your business.

In Gratitude,




Judy Stewart, Designer and Owner

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