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Let's Get Branded!
Let’s Get Branded!

Once you are branded, starting with your logo you will use it on all of your marketing material and cross platforms so prospects will always know who you are. A logo can purely be typographic, or you can have an image that represents your services or products. But wait, there is much more to branding. Coloring, Corporate typefaces or a casual font and be consistent with styling to use throughout your marketing materials. It all identifies you and your business. Once you establish all of this it creates a foundation for your business.

Logos don’t need to make sense to be memorable– at least not on a conscious level. What makes a logo memorable is primarily color choice and then a magical combination of cleverness, subliminal association, and editing.

What makes you different?

Your brand identity is a point of view. It doesn’t matter if your business is a little generic. What you offer may not be unique, how it is offered will be unique.  Give yourself time to think of the two distinctly and powerful words to describe your identity.

Choose colors wisely, they do have an impact on your audience. Color release strong emotions and associations inside of our brains.

YELLOW grabs your attention and shouts, “look at me!”

BLUE indicates trust and dependability.

RED is intense, dynamic, passionate, and energetic.
RED is also an appetite stimulate.

ORANGE works brands for fun and entertainment.

GREEN is soothing, natural, and fresh.

PURPLE is great for that creative edge.

You can view a few of the logo designs here.